What would you like to know?

Seeking input on your questions and reading topics

Dr. Colin King
Dec 30, 2022
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As a Psychologist who works with school-aged children and youth, I plan to use Medium to promote my academic writing and become more fluent in writing for general audiences (parents, caregivers, and other caring adults).

With this in mind — what topics would you would like to see covered? What are the burning questions as a parent that keep you up at night?

My work in school and child clinical psychology covers many topics — from child development and learning to mental health and behaviour (and many other areas in between!).

So, please write and let me know! I have a short list of initial topics identified, including bibliotherapy, childhood anxiety, and psychoeducational assessments that I’m hoping to write and share about over the coming weeks.

Thanks for engaging! CK



Dr. Colin King

I am a school and clinical psychologist for children and adolescents. Passionate about healthy development, effective learning, and social-emotional wellness.